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Sports Medicine

While working with the Providence College Athletic Department, Dr. Mirrer has operated on many athletes who have gone on to significant athletic achievements after surgery. Many of the players Dr. Mirrer has treated have not only resumed playing at PC, but some have gone on to professional careers in the NBA, European basketball leagues, the IHL and the NHL. In fact, many of the athletes treated by Mirrer have consulted him when they have been injured playing at the professional level.

In addition to his involvement in sports medicine at PC, Dr. Mirrer has also had extensive experience caring for athletes during the years of his residency and fellowship training. This has included experience with NFL athletes, and college athletes at Tulane University, Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Mirrer was a prior college baseball pitcher and quarterback himself. He has participated in competitive sports for most of his life. He understands that the goal of each athlete he treats is to get back to their sport at 100% as soon as possible.

Dr. Mirrer is now the College Physician for the Community College of Rhode Island.

Dr. Mirrer with Justin Davis, high school football standout: Justin had knee reconstructive surgery for a football injury. He returned the next season to win First Team All-Division at Tight End and First team All-State at Defensive End.

Dr. Mirrer consults with John Rock, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine at Providence College.

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